Open Sesame Spam Blocker 1.0.0: Deletes email unless it comes from someone on your list or contains a password

Open Sesame Spam Blocker 1.0.0

Spam Blocker can send an email (if you wish) telling the sender that the email has been deleted. If you wish, this email will give them the password that they need to include in the subject line in order to have Open Sesame Spam Blocker not delete the email. While it may seem strange to automatically send everyone who sends you a password that enables them to bypass Open Sesame Spam Blocker, there is actually a very logical reason for this. Almost

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ClearMyMail Spam Blocker 3: Guaranteed to block all spam emails without losing any legitimate emails.

ClearMyMail Spam Blocker 3

Offers guaranteed protection against all spam, phishing scams, and all other unwanted e-mails. Using a 18-stage spam filter ClearMyMail blocks all unwanted and spam and viruse-mails before they reach your computer, without losing any wanted email. - Guaranteed 100% no-spam success rate - Email virus protection - FREE trial - 16 spam filters combined - Will never lose a legitimate e-mail - Instant results

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SpamArrow 1.20.1: SpamAssassin based spam filter to block spam for Outlook and Outlook Express

SpamArrow 1.20.1

spam blocker to effectively filter out any unwanted spam emails with near zero false positives. It uses the famous SpamAssassin engine and the Bayesian filtering to automatically classify incoming emails as spam or non-spam. This anti spam software is a great add-on for Outlook and Outlook Express by automatically creating integrated spam-fighting toolbar buttons and a spam folder to collect all emails identified as spam. Unlike most spam filter

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SpamDummy! 1.0: Block spam, email viruses, harmful content, never download spam again.

SpamDummy! 1.0

SpamDummy! is a powerful and easy to use spam blocker for all POP3 email clients including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and more. SpamDummy! blocks spam, email viruses, and harmful content directly at the email server so that you never have to waste time downloading them. SpamDummy! is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, and all other POP3 email clients. SpamDummy! contains the following

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Avant4u Security Suite The best you can buy to protect your home computer. Free 30 DAYs Trial

Avant4u Security Suite

Spamblocker-AnonymousSurfing-AntiSpy-Firewall-MyPrivacy-PopUpSlasher-PasswordOrganizer- Everything you need to protect your home computer in one integrated suite. -Spam Blocker> Helps you filter spam in your Outlook/Outlook Express email application. -Anonymous Surfing> Surf anonymously, enhance your online privacy by hiding your IP address and location -AntiSpy> Find and remove spy ware - Be proactive about your online privacy and security -Firewall

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XMicro AntiSpam (Vista compatible) Anti Spam automatically identifies and moves spam mails into a special ‘Spams

XMicro AntiSpam (Vista compatible)

SPAM signature sets in the XMicro database and is scored accordingly by the Spam Blocker plug-in. This spam score then decides whether the email is SPAM or legitimate. All the emails which have more than XMicro’s preset score as the spam score, will be delivered to the SPAM folder and rest of the mails (legitimate ones) will as usual reach your inbox. How spamblocker works: The plugin automatically updates itself and gets the latest spam signatures

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Letterman Spam Control Std 3.5.281: A spam filtration software catering for the needs of the worldwide Chinese

Letterman Spam Control Std 3.5.281

spam filtration software catering for the needs of the worldwide Chinese, which can correctly distinguish emails in English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, and even can intercept hostile link from advertisement service provider. The program arrives pre-configured, using heuristic and flexible rules engine to identify spam. It`s unique `fuzzy logic` engines is highly effective in filtering spam without obstructing your

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Spam-Killa 1.1: Spam-Killa blocks spam 100% on the email server before you download it.

Spam-Killa 1.1

Spam-Killa allows you to examine the emails in an unlimited number of POP3 email servers. The Spam-Killa is a very simple spam blocker. It thinks all emails are spam and happily shows you the From, To, Subject and the top 10 lines of the Body of every email on your email server. These are in text form only so you cannot trigger image alerts or scripting activity to alert spammers that this is a valid email address. You will not see any attachments

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ChoiceMail One 5.103: ChoiceMail One is the most effective spam blocker available today

ChoiceMail One 5.103

ChoiceMail stands out as a leader among spam blockers. Many spam prevention products rely upon rules filters that must be continually managed and updated by the user. DigiPortal determined that no single method is completely effective at stopping spam due to the endless new tricks employed by spammers. ChoiceMail uses multiple mechanisms to deal with unknown senders, giving users the choice of how to set up their system.

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InboxGuardian 1.0f: Email spam filter and blocker to stop spam and deliver clean mail

InboxGuardian 1.0f

Email spam filter and blocker to stop spam and deliver clean mail to your email client and mobile device. InboxGuardian can remove over 90% of spam email on its first use and due to the way it works can also be used with mobile devices. Spam on mobile devices is getting worse and worse and InboxGuardian helps by acting as a pop server. By setting up a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry etc) to connect to InboxGuardian.

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